WHITECAT Dental Forceps

German Made Dental Instruments

All our dental instruments are made in polished alloy stainless steel.  Extraordinarily light weight and well balanced in the hand.  Grip styles vary based on the application.

Custom Made Dental Instruments

Because we are a boutique supplier, where possible, we can modify the instrument and manufacture it to suit your needs.  This request is on a case by case basis.


All our instruments are laser etched with a data matrix, product code and logos.  The data matrix contains the Unique Device Identification (UDI) and the manufacturing information.  In future, most instruments will also have an RFID tag applied for enhanced traceability.

Download Dental Catalogue

Download the WHITECAT SURGIWELL Dental Catalogue.

WhiteCat_Surgiwell_Dental Instruments Catalogue_2019 (pdf)


Dental Instruments


Zepf Dental Instruments

Located in Seitingen in Southern Germany, Helmut Zepf is a third generation dental company that has grown over 95 years toward a modern company providing leading products for dentistry.

Zepf’s modern production facility ensures complete quality for both dental and surgical instruments that are Made in Germany.

Zepf Drop Control Scalpel Holder

Check out this grea video on Zepf Dental